Courses 2017 - OVERVIEW

GALEN Foundation Courses GALEN Advanced Courses
May 25-27, Prague/CZ
Contrast Media for Better Diagnostic Accuracy
May 11-12, Valencia/Spain
  Advances in Clinical CT
September 8-9, Zurich/Switzerland

  Cardio-Thoracic Cross-Sectional Imaging
September 28-29, Heidelberg/Germany

ESOR Courses for EDiR
Chest Imaging
November 6, Vienna/Austria
Cardiac Imaging
November 7, Vienna/Austria
Breast Imaging
November 8, Vienna/Austria
November 9, Vienna/Austria

Head and Neck Radiology
November 10, Vienna/Austria

Musculoskeletal Radiology
November 11, Vienna/Austria

Abdominal Imaging
November 13, Vienna/Austria
Hybrid Imaging
November 14, Vienna/Austria

Paediatric Radiology
November 15, Vienna/Austria

Challenges in Head and Neck Imaging
March 30-31, Serock/Poland

Emergency Radiology
May 4-5, Bucharest/Romania

Advanced Oncologic Imaging
May 19-20, Ekaterinburg/Russia
Advanced Abdominal Imaging
June 29-30, Yerevan/Armenia

Introduction to Hybrid Imaging in Oncology
August 31-September 1, Vienna/Austria

September 1-2, Split/Croatia

Cardiac and Abdominal Imaging
October 18-20, Graz/Austria
Symposium on Imaging Hallmarks of Cancer
October 26-27, Lisbon/Portugal
Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Imaging
November 2-3, Rome/Italy

Women's Imaging
December 7-8, Bratislava/Slovakia

Visiting Professorship Programme Ukraine
within the ESR Support Initiative

Oncologic Imaging
March 21, Kiev/Ukraine

Visiting Professorship Programme Balkan Congress
within the ESR Support Initiative

Advanced Neuroimaging
October 12, Budapest/Hungary

AIMS Mexico
Imaging in Thoracic and Abdominal Non-Traumatic Emergencies
April 26, Mexico City/Mexico
April 28, Puebla/Mexico

AIMS Korea
Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound
July 15, Seoul/Korea

AIMS Brazil
Emergency Radiology
August 25-26, Belo Horizonte/Brazil

Joint CIR-ESR/ESOR Course
Advances in MRI: from Head to Toe
June 8-10, Cancún/Mexico

Visiting Professorship Programme Uzbekistan
Thoracic and Abdominal Imaging
June 8, Tashkent/Uzbekistan

Visiting Professorship Programme Colombia
Head and Neck Radiology
August 1, Bogotá/Colombia
August 3, Cartagena/Colombia

Visiting Professorship Programme Argentina
Abdominal Imaging
November 4, Mar del Plata/Argentina

Astana Tutorial
May 29-June 9, Astana/Kazakhstan

Graz Tutorial
October 16-20, Graz/Austria

The completed list of all ESOR Courses 2017 as well as the full programmes and registration will be available in January 2017.


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