Courses 2020 - OVERVIEW


GALEN Foundation Course GALEN Courses
Neuroradiology - ON-LINE
September 11

MR Imaging of the Abdomen - ON-LINE
September 4
  Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound - ON-LINE
September 25
  Urogenital Radiology - ON-LINE
October 2

ESOR Courses for EDiR - programmes tba.
November 3-14

Abdominal Imaging                                         
November 3, Vienna/Austria
Urogenital Radiology
November 4, Vienna/Austria
Paediatric Radiology
November 5, Vienna/Austria
Breast Imaging
November 6, Vienna/Austria
Chest Imaging
November 7, Vienna/Austria
November 9, Vienna/Austria
Head and Neck Radiology
November 10, Vienna/Austria
Hybrid Imaging
November 11, Vienna/Austria
Musculoskeletal Radiology
November 12, Vienna/Austria
Cardiac Imaging
November 13, Vienna/Austria
Interventional Radiology
November 14, Vienna/Austria

ASKLEPIOS Courses in Europe
Emergency Radiology - POSTPONED, new dates to be announced
Cardiac MR Imaging - ON-LINE
September 18
Basic Interventional Radiology
October 22-23, Athens/Greece

Cardiac Imaging - programme tba.
November 4-6. Graz/Austria
Breast and Pelvis MR - programme tba.
November 12-13, Bratislava/Slovakia
Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Imaging - POSTPONED, new dates to be announced
Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Oncologic Imaging
December 10-11, Zagreb/Croatia

Visiting Professorship Programme Belarus - CANCELLED!
within the ESR Support Initiative
Chest Imaging
October 22, Minsk/Belarus

Visiting Professorship Programmes Eastern Europe
Chest Radiology - CANCELLED!
March 24, Kiev/Ukraine
on the occasion of the Ukraine Congress of Radiology
Neuroradiology - CANCELLED!
May 29, Pristina/Kosovo
on the occasion of the Congress of the Radiologists Association of Kosovo
Abdominal Emergencies: An Imaging Update for an appropriate Management - CANCELLED!
June 7, Yerevan/Armenia
on the occasion of the Armenian Congress of Radiology
Emergency Radiology - CANCELLED!
October 1, Tallinn/Estonia
on the occasion of the Baltic Congress of Radiology
Imaging Biomarkers - CANCELLED!
October 1, Brasov/Romania
on the occasion of the Romanian Congress of Radiology
Abdominal oncology: Role of Imaging in Liver, Bile Ducts and Pancreas - CANCELLED!
October 15, Plovdiv/Bulgaria
on the occasion of the Balkan Congress of Radiology

ASKLEPIOS Courses International
Oncology of the Abdomen and Pelvis - MOVED to 2021
Manila/The Philippines
Oncology of the Abdomen and Pelvis - MOVED to 2021

Chest Radiology - CANCELLED!
August 27, Florianopolis/Brazil
August 29, Maceio/Brazil
Oncologic Imaging - MOVED to 2021

Hepatobiliary Diseases - CANCELLED!
November 6-7, Mendoza/Argentina

AIMS Mexico - MOVED TO 2021
Mexico City/Mexico

AIMS Korea - MOVED TO 2021
Updates on Breast Cancer Screening Clinical Trials                              

Graz Tutorial - MOVED TO 2021

Mentioned dates are subject to change. be announced be confirmed

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