GALEN Course on
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound - ON-LINE

September 25, 2020
Course informationThe course is aimed at last year residents, board-certified radiologists and fellows interested in contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) imaging. It is designed to update knowledge on state-of-the-art CEUS imaging, including all aspects of hepatic and non-hepatic CEUS imaging. Particular attention will be paid to the latest developments of CEUS imaging in renal, vascular, and superficial disorders in addition to the more traditional hepatic applications. The use of CEUS in emergency imaging will be highlighted. A new and novel use of CEUS will be discussed with applications in many areas in children, reducing unnecessary radiation of CT imaging. Renowned European experts ensure a high-quality teaching programme, combining theory and case presentations with an interactive character.

Learning objectives

  • to learn and consolidate knowledge in the traditional application in liver disease
  • to assimilate knowledge in the largest growing area for the application of CEUS in renal, vascular, and superficial disorders
  • to learn how to apply CEUS in an emergency setting as a problem-solving tool
  • to advance knowledge in the most potentially useful applications of CEUS in children, possibly reducing radiation

Programme - on-line Friday, September 25
Technique update in CEUS
J.-M. Correas, Paris/FR
CEUS in practice: how I do it
V. Cantisani, Rome/IT
CEUS in benign liver lesions                               
O. Lucidarme, Paris/FR
CEUS in cirrhosis
H.P. Weskott, Hannover/DE
CEUS of the kidney
T. Fischer, Berlin/DE
Superficial organs
M. Radzina, Riga/LV
14:30-15:00  Break
CEUS in vascular disorders
D.A. Clevert, Munich/DE  
CEUS in trauma: which indications?                        
D. Huang, London/UK
US in paediatrics
P. Sidhu, London/UK
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