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ESOR Foundation Courses

HYBRID IMAGING ONLINE |  September 27, 2023  | 12:30 – 18:00

Course information

This course is aimed at residents in their final year of training in radiology and recently board-certified
radiologists interested in Hybrid Imaging. It is strictly adhered to Level II of the European Training
Curriculum and is designed to increase the integrated usage of the diagnostic power of hybrid equipment in
oncological and inflammatory diagnosis, follow-up and response assessment. The course includes six topics
consisting of 40 minutes of theory and case presentations followed by a live Q&A section after each session
for interaction with the faculty members.

Learning objectives

  • to understand the indications, limitations and comparative merits of each part in hybrid
    imaging in common diseases
  •  to learn about evaluation of hybrid imaging
  • to get a basic knowledge of tracers and radiopharmaceuticals for hybrid imaging
  •  to learn about imaging techniques, protocols and artefacts in hybrid imaging

Programme Online

Wednesday, September 27, 2023


The beauty of Hybrid Imaging – the tech basics

T. Beyer, Vienna/AT

-To understand the definition of hybrid imaging
-To appreciate the breadth of HI devices in clinical routine
-To comprehend the benefits (and key challenges) of hybrid imaging technologies


FDG PET/CT in oncology: where is it in the guidelines

C. Cyran, Munich/DE

-To learn about the principles of FDG PET/CT
-To get acquainted with the key applications of FDG PET/CT in oncologic therapy guidance
-To study the tumor entities where FDG PET/CT is in the guidelines for therapy management and why


Hybrid imaging in infection and inflammation

J.L. Vercher-Conejero, Barcelona/ES

– To understand the role of hybrid imaging in infection and inflammation.
– To learn about the different radiopharmaceutical that may be used in infection and inflammation process.

14:30-15:00 Q&A
15:00-15:30 Break

PSMA PET/CT for guiding therapy in prostate cancer

C. Cyran, Munich/DE

-To learn about the principles of PSMA PET/CT
-To study the key applications of PSMA PET/CT in prostate cancer
-To get acquainted with the theranostic concept of PSMA ligands


FAPI: still the next big thing

L. Unterrainer, Munich/DE

-To define the current use and future perspectives of FAPI PET in oncological imaging / comparison to FDG PET/CT
-To define the current use and future perspectives of FAPI PET in non-oncological diseases / comparison to FDG PET/CT
– Outlook: FAP-targeted therapy


Total body PET/CT: the revolution in sight

T. Beyer, Vienna/AT

-To define “total body” (vs “whole body”)
-To briefly review the origins of TB-PET(/CT)
-To sketch out current applications highlighting the versatility/flexibility of TB-PET
-To dream about future applications

17:30-18:00 Q&A