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ECNR European Courses of Neuroradiology

16th Cycle

1st Module
Anatomy and Embryology
February 8-12, online

16th cycle

2nd Module
May 2-6, online

16th Cycle

3rd Module
Vascular and Traumatic Diseases
November 7-11, Malta

16th cycle

4th Module
Degenerative, Metabolic and Inflammatory Diseases
May 1-5, Berlin/DE

ECNR European Courses of Neuroradiology, Diagnostic and Interventional

The courses will be organised by the European School of Neuroradiology (ESONR) of the European Society of Neuroradiology, Diagnostic and Interventional (ESNR): Creating educational ties and partnerships with other societies in the wider domain of imaging is a key feature of the ESOR philosophy. Another cooperation has been set up with the European Society of Neuroradiology, Diagnostic and Interventional (ESNR) and its European Course of Neuroradiology (ECNR), which has become part of the educational activities of ESOR for several years. Upon successful completion of all four modules (one entire cycle) the eligible participants can apply for a final examination to obtain the European Diploma in Neuroradiology (EDiNR). The EDiNR certifies that the holder has a level of knowledge and competence in line with the requirements of the European Board of Neuroradiology EBNR GmbH (

The cooperation between ESOR and ESNR will certainly round off and enhance high-level educational opportunities for radiologists in training. Further details on courses as well as the registration are available at

Learning Objectives

  • to impact teaching-based lectures and workshops, rather than academic-type conferences, to transmit rather than deliver information
  • to acquire basic neuroscience and clinical core knowledge
  • to provide theoretical bases of present and future clinical practice and research in diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology
  • to impart highly interactive diagnostic, interventional and mixed-type neuroradiological workshops

For specific requests please contact:

ESNR Central Office
European Society of Neuroradiology, Diagnostic and Interventional
Althardstrasse 70