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Topics for 2020

Abdominal Imaging=

One-year Fellowships

The ESOR One-year Fellowships offer qualified radiologists a unique opportunity to enter competitive, thematic, structured and certified proper fellowships at major renowned European reference centres, which are funding the programme.

During 12 months of training the fellows will be incorporated in the specific departments to work on a dedicated, detailed programme supervised by specialised academic tutors.

Training centres

ESOR would like to thank all interested institutions/departments for their willingness to participate as a reference training centre.

For the training period 2020/2021 fellowships are offered to the following topics:
– Abdominal Imaging, Clichy/France
– Abdominal Radiology, Jerusalem/Israel
– Breast Imaging, Jerusalem/Israel
– Chest Radiology, Heidelberg/Germany
– Imaging of Cancer, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
– Interventional Radiology, Nijmegen/The Netherlands
– Neuro-inflammatory disorders, Lille/France
– Neuroradiology/Head and Neck Radiology, Rotterdam/The Netherlands
– Paediatric Imaging, Ioannina/Greece
– Paediatric Radiology, Le Kremlin Bicêtre/France

Detailed information about the fellowships is available on the respective sub-section of this website.

Please note that during a calendar year, candidates may only apply for one of the offered ESOR training programmes. Multiple applications for different programmes will be rejected