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Scholarships in Europe

In 2020 a number of scholarships are offered at academic training centres throughout Europe.

The major partner is Bracco. One additional scholarship for Spanish residents in partnership with the Spanish Foundation of Radiology, three scholarships for Greek residents supported by the Hellenic Radiological Society and three scholarships for Brazilian residents sponsored by the Brazilian College of Radiology will be offered. Furthermore, two of the available scholarships will be provided for residents from Belarus within the ESR Support Initiative.


Scholarships in the USA

In partnership with a highly-esteemed reference centre a three-month scholarship is offered in the USA in spring 2020.


Scholarships Jo Li for Chinese radiologists

The Jo Li Visiting Scholarship Programme offers qualified radiologists from China the opportunity to be provided with exposure to advanced techniques, imaging protocols and practices at a reference centre in Europe.


Visiting Scholarship Programmes

The ESOR Visiting Scholarship Programmes offers qualified trainees the opportunity to get to know another training environment and to kick off an interest for subspecialisation in radiology. They are primarily aimed at residents in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year of training, who are keen to benefit from mentored modular training in a specific area of diagnostic radiology. Furthermore a second programme was established for board certified radiologists, specialists and young academics.

During three months of training the scholars will be provided with a structured, modular introduction to different subspecialties and will be supervised by a specialised tutor in a pre-selected, highly esteemed academic training centre in Europe or the USA.

It is a continuously rewarding investment in radiological education, which has gained international reputation and appreciation.

Since its establishment the programme has triggered enormous interest among young radiologists from all over the world, thus building an ever growing international community.

Training centres

ESOR would like to thank all interested institutions/departments for their willingness to participate as a reference training centre.

ESOR Scholarships – a phenomenal opportunity

Watch this video to get a first-hand impression of the ESOR scholarship experience and useful tips for the application process.